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Who We Are

More than a team, we are a family. 

The WWU Sailing team is a competitive Sports Club based out of Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. We are a dynamic team that sails year-round and participates in over 24 regattas and clinics throughout the Northwest District (NWICSA) during the academic year. We also travel to many inter-sectional regattas in other districts, including California and Hawaii, sending our competitive co-ed and women teams.

We sail two-person dinghies called Flying Juniors (FJs for short). The team owns eleven FJs, which are housed at the WWU Lakewood Boathouse on Lake Whatcom: Kaze, Tuuli, Bang-a-rang (Bang), Slick Princess (SP), Viento, Darth, Three Old Goats (Billy), Cady, Speedy McGhee, gNAR, and Kona. We practice 3 times a week during the academic year, and welcome any full-time student who wants to sail! Off the water we participate in team dinners, team volunteering throughout the Bellingham area, and team bonding events. 

College sailing is a co-ed sport where men and women compete together equally. There are women-specific events to encourage women participation in college sailing such as women's nationals, alongside co-ed regattas and clinics.

The Western Sailing Team is an open, inclusive group focusing on furthering the competitiveness of sailing as a sport among young adults. Our program is completely student-run and student-funded, which means we participate in many fundraising activities to keep our costs low for individuals and to provide ‘scholarships’ for students that may need financial support. We support each other as sailors, students, and friends.

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