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Welcome to WWU Sailing

A Little Bit About Us

The Western Washington University Sailing Team is a competitive college racing team. We are a club sport but compete in the same league as varsity programs, so strive for that level of skill and dedication in our program. 


We are an open, inclusive group that focuses on sailing education for the love of the sport. Despite being a student-run sports club, our team competes on a national level against varsity programs such as Yale, Stanford, and Brown. We are proud to have sent both our Co-Ed and Women teams to College Sailing Nationals for the past several years and strive to continue the tradition. 


Even though our team is highly competitive, we accept all sailors regardless of ability. We have found over the years that enthusiasm and a willingness to learn go a long way, and many of the sailors that joined the team with limited experience are now among our top competitors for District and National regattas. 

 Meeting Schedule:

What's New?

We're gearing up for a super exciting season! The latest news is that we will have a FULL regatta season in the Northwest this fall, and we're so ready to compete again. We will be travelling to nine or more intersectional regattas this year, providing opportunity for the team to build our skills against new teams at diverse venues. 

If you're interested in joining the team send us a message below, and check out our Join section.

When: Mondays
Time: 7:30 PM    
Location: CF 105

Get in Touch

2410 Lake Whatcom Blvd, Bellingham, WA 98299

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